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A clear and straightforward strategy

Acknowledging your intentions towards inclusivity and accessibility, knowing where your organizations and processes stand, and subsequently delivering on business objectives by focussing on critical elements is essential for your strategy towards accessibility and inclusivity.

We help organizational processes and cultures to grow organically in inclusive principles and foster a user-first mindset, helping to comply with e.g.; the European Accessibility Act (EAA), the Web Accessibility Directive (WAD), Section 508, and more.

You’re in charge, we guide!

Planning your application landscape is like playing chess

Six Strategic Cycles

To identify not only your organization’s goals, but also future opportunities and challenges, you should first create a strategic plan for your organization.

  1. What is the current state of your organization?
  2. Where are you going or where could you be?
  3. What key issues or opportunities stand in our way?
  4. What is the strategy that address the key issues?
  5. What are the initiatives and actions that enable the strategy?
  6. How to measure if the strategy is working?

Master Cheffing Digital Accessibility

As a Michelin-starred meal delights the senses, digital accessibility enhances user experiences. Including but not limited to access for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and text alternatives.

“Acknowledging the importance of accessibility in the digital age can be compared with highlighting the artistry that goes into an exceptional Michelin dinner.”

Both endeavors share the same goal: to offer an exceptional and fulfilling experience, be it in the world of fine dining or the boundless realm of digital interaction.

Improving Digital Accessibility is like preparing a 3-star Michelin diner

Organizational Opportunity

Problems worth solving

  • 40% of people not able to use digital products
  • Organizations not well aware and skilled
  • Required compliance for accessibility
  • Barriers to be removed in digital technology
  • Processes and culture demands change

Our Solutions

  • Premium consultancy in accessibility
  • Gap-analysis benchmarking and planning
  • Qualitative full strategy approach
  • Complete ISO based framework
  • Unique monitoring maturity platform

We help organizations


Comprehending the current status of your organization’s culture and processes through an evaluation of the relative performance in delivering inclusive and accessible products and services.

Maturity Progress

It is insufficient to make individual products in an organizational silo accessible. It is of critical importance that an organization establish repeatable internal processes and methods.

Accessibility Audits

Audits for accessibility provide insights if the already build product conforms to the global standard WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

We assist in the development of your accessibility plan

“We recommend that organizations avoid creating their own plan for audits, training, and tools and then searching for assistance.

Based on our professional experience we can help develop the plan starting with a benchmark.

The WHY behind the plan providing evidence to support the underlying rationale.”

Jake Abma
Founder and CEO